About the artist

Born in Gaspésie in 1975, I am a self-taught painter. From a young age I have had a passion for drawing, which awakened in me the desire to bring my paintings to life, a passion which emerged in my twenties. With a degree in interior design, I like to merge these two worlds, giving myself carte blanche to explore imagination and creation.

Fascinated by the harmony of colors, I like to see them combine with each other. The constant desire to create and stand out fuels my ART. My personal style manifested itself through automatic drawing which is an artistic creation technique allowing you to let your imagination express itself without restraining it.

Each of my works is unique, reflecting my artistic spontaneity. I distinguish myself through various collections, each as captivating as they are different. My creativity flourishes and is guided by my feeling of the moment, my instinct, and those around me. I like to dare, to go out of the ordinary, without taking inspiration from any particular painter, remaining faithful to my own artistic essence.

My creativity is according to my feeling, my instinct and my surroundings. I like to dare and make it out of the ordinary!

Pleasantly receiving the compliment that some of my works are reminiscent of those of Picasso, I share with you all of my creations to enrich your decorative space.

It is a pleasure to share all of my works with you and to enhance your decor!

My art, like a diamond sparkle, will bring a distinctive shine and timeless glamor to your decor.

Chacune des œuvres est agrémentée d’un bijou directement façonné à partir de ma palette d’acrylique!